Postgraduate Modules

This is the list of module options available through our Masters degrees. Some of these modules are generally available, and some are degree-specific - see the individual module pages for more information. You are required to study one research module, one professional module, the core module(s) for your named award and an option module (if applicable). Additional modules may be available across the wider University. Individual portfolios of modules are negotiated with students once an offer has been accepted. Module availability is dependent upon numbers of students enrolling for a particular module. The availability of modules across the University is subject to discussion and negotiation between the Schools involved. Delivery may differ from that outlined.

The professional modules are: Leadership; Quality and Clinical Governance; Risk and Patient Safety; Health Systems and Project Management; Non-Medical Prescribing (only available for students who meet the pre-requisites); Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Practice; Practice Development: Independent Study.

Masters modules

Module code Module title SCQF Level 11 points September 2016 January 2017 September 2017 January 2018
PN50135 Academic Recognition for Accredited Continuing Professional Development 30 Yes
PN50124 Acute and Critical care 30 No Yes No Yes
PN50116 Applied Microbiology and Evidence-Based Precautions for IPC 30 Yes No Yes No
PN50117 Clinical Assessment (double) 60 Yes Yes
PN50118 Clinical Decision Making for the Musculoskeletal Therapist 30 Yes No Yes No
PN50120 Communicable Disease Control 30 No Yes No No
PN50121 Contemporary Challenges in Healthcare Ethics 30 No No No Yes
PN50122 Contemporary Challenges in Maternal and Infant Nutrition 30 No No No Yes
PN50123 Contemporary Challenges in Mental Health Care 30 No Yes No No
PN50111 Critical Appraisal Skills 30 Yes Yes
PN50125 Current Perspectives in Cardiovascular Disease 30 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PN50126 Current Trends in Long Term Conditions (Non-Communicable Diseases) 30 No Yes No No
PN50098 Developing Research and Evaluation Skills 30 No Yes No Yes
PN50134 Dissertation (September and April) 60 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PN50086 Dissertation (triple weighted) 90 Yes
PN50089 Global Health 30 No Yes
PN50127 Global Perspectives in Maternal and Infant Health 30 No Yes No No
PN50088 Health Systems and Project Management 30 Yes
PN50128 Improving Quality and Safety through Infection Prevention and Control 30 No Yes No Yes
PN50112 Leadership 30 Yes No Yes No
PN50113 Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Practice 30 No No Yes No
PN50099 Measuring Quality 30 Yes
PN50129 Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy 30 No Yes No Yes
PN50107 Meeting the Needs of Older People in Diverse Care Settings (online) 30 Yes No Yes No
PN50057 Non-Medical Prescribing (£990) 30 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PN50131 Person-Centred Approaches to Mental Health Care 30 No No No Yes
PN50132 Practice Development: Independent Study 30 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PN50114 Quality and Clinical Governance 30 No Yes No No
PN50097 Quality Improvement in Action 30 Yes No Yes No
PN50115 Risk and Patient Safety 30 No No No Yes