About long-term conditions, disability and disease

About the director and work stream

The Long term Conditions, Disability and Disease Work Stream is led by Martyn Jones who is a Professor in Healthcare Research in School of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Dundee and is Associate Director of Social Dimensions of Health Institute.  Professor Jones has a national and international profile examining the effect of the work environment on the well-being and performance of trained nurses and has published in the past on scale development, real-time data collection and models of stress and stress management intervention. His research understanding the determinants of patient self-management behaviour in a range of long term conditions, from diabetes, angina, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease and urological cancer

 This research work stream aims to achieve the following:

  1. Create a dynamic research environment that will facilitate the design and delivery of high quality research.
  2. Develop innovative and empirically informed approaches to research methods and intervention development across a wide range of health conditions and healthcare and social contexts
  3. Facilitate partnership and knowledge exchange between researchers from basic and applied disciplines and between researchers, educators and clinicians
  4. Facilitate implementation of existing evidence and its on-going evaluation by involving professionals, people with long-term conditions and disabilities, carers, family members and the general public.
  5. Build capacity and capability in NMAHP research at pre-doctoral, doctoral and post-doctoral levels set within a negotiated Clinical Academic Framework.

About recently completed projects

Examples of studies include: