Hanadi Yaseen

Background: Graduated from King AbdolAziz University, Saudi Arabia in 1998. Specialised in Oncology Nursing through Post Graduate Diploma one year program in Oncology Nursing After spending 4 years in clinical practice as Registered Nurse. Practiced as Pediatric Oncology Nurse upon graduation in 2003 till 2005. I was promoted to Nurse Educator in mid of 2005. Obtained my Master Degree in nursing science from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh in July 2009.  Accepted in the School of Nursing’s PhD programme as Full time Student and commenced in September 2014.

PhD Project: My PhD is currently focused on a new nursing model and its effectiveness to bridge the gap between the professional and cultural/spiritual values for undergraduate Muslim nursing students. The aim of my study is to explore the conflict between the professional and cultural/spiritual values and the effects of teaching the new model in resolving the conflict.

Research Interests: Nursing Model, Professional v Cultural spiritual values, conflicts, Professional Identity