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Clinical Impact

Our research aims to develop and use evidence to improve health and well-being and reduce the impact of inequalities – with a focus on people with long-term conditions and disability, childbearing women, children, and families, and vulnerable groups. See examples

Economic impact

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences attracts significant funding from diverse sources including national and international research funders, industry and the NHS. We contribute to the development of skilled academic researchers whose research activities refine and improve the effectiveness of care delivery, improve health and well-being, and inform policy, thereby generating economic benefit.  We conduct studies that examine the economic impact of interventions to improve care and health.  

Educational Impact

Our pre-registration andpost-qualifying curricula produce graduates with the knowledge, attributes and care skills that are valued by service users and health and social care providers, nationally and internationally. Curricular innovation ensures the currency and sustained impact of our courses in constantly changing care settings. Our postgraduate programme builds capacity and capability in health care and health research at Masters and doctoral levels.  Our longstanding use of e-learning enables wide international reach of our Masters programmes.

Public Engagement

We  engage the wider public in our research and routinely involve service users, carers, patients and practitioners in all aspects of our research. We communicate the findings from our research across a wide range of public and clinical fora including public lectures, open days and school visits.