Examples of Impact

Examples of clinical impact

Improving care provision for acute and critical care patients post-intensive care unit (ICU)

  • Our research has identified the care experience of patients following ICU and has contributed to National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. This research has created new forms of patient and carer support and has changed the way services are delivered.

Improving healthcare staff well-being and patient experience

  • This research has examined the stress risks for the well-being of student nurses and trained staff and explored its consequences for care delivery.  This work has contributed to NICE guidelines on worksite stress management and has influenced national and international Higher Education Institution practices.

Improving maternal and infant health and care

  • Our research on the national Healthy Start scheme for low-income families has informed the design of the Healthy Start scheme in England
  • Our research evaluating the Scottish Women’s Hand-held Maternity Record has prompted NHS Quality Improvement Scotland to review its format, promoting and improving women-centred care.
  • A large-scale programme of improvement  in neonatal units and labour wards has resulted in a sustained improvement in outcomes.
  • The recently published Lancet Series on Midwifery, involving investigators from five continents, will have a major impact on the provision of maternal and newborn care globally.