MSc Midwifery or MSc Maternal and Infant Health

The MSc Midwifery and the MSc Maternal and Infant Health are parallel dynamic masters degrees available for any graduate working or interested in maternal and infant health. Although the MSc Midwifery award is only available for registered or licensed midwives, the partner award of MSc Maternal and Infant Health is available to a wide multiprofessional market. Both awards are the same in module content and structure. If you want further information about opportunities for study  contact Dr Andrew Symon.

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Dundee has many years' experience of providing postgraduate education in midwifery and related health care and since 2013 the Mother and Infant Research Unit led by Dr Alison McFadden has been based in Dundee. This offers us an opportunity to provide high quality evidence-based programmes aimed at positively impacting on maternal and infant health outcomes both in the UK and globally.

This master's programme focuses on developing knowledge and skills related to leadership, self direction, negotiation, critical thinking and leadership in maternal and infant health. It is delivered through high quality online distance learning and is accessible across a wide range of international contexts.

Curriculum for the MSc Midwifery/Maternal and Infant Health

In order to achieve the award of MSc, you will be required to complete four modules plus a 20,000 word Masters level dissertation. The award is also available at Postgraduate Certificate (two modules) and Postgraduate Diploma (four modules) level.

You will be supported by the programme lead to undertake an appropriate portfolio of modules for you own needs but this will include a research core, a professional core and one or both of two maternal and infant health core modules.

There are two research core modules - Critical Appraisal Skills and Developing Research and Evaluation Skills.

A wide range of professional modules are offered including: Leadership; Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Practice; Quality and Clinical Governance; Risk and Patient Safety; and Practice Development: Independent Study; Health Systems and Project Management.

There are two core maternal and infant health modules. These are Global Issues in Maternal and Infant Health and Contemporary Issues in Maternal and Infant Nutrition. At least one of these must be taken for the award and they run in January in alternate years.

The first four modules each require 300 hours of study for 30 credits. The dissertation is equal to 600 hours of study and attracts 60 credits.

Entry Requirements

For entry to this master's degree you should have a first degree, a relevant role or opportunity to apply the learning, and for the MSc Midwifery you need registration (or equivalent) as a midwife. This programme does not lead to professional registration as a midwife.