Peter N. Kailemia

Background:  I completed a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at the University of Nairobi in 1999. I did one year internship as a nursing officer at a public provincial hospital. Thereafter, I took a teaching job as a nurse tutor in 2001 till 2005 when I joined Kenya Methodist University as a teaching assistant. I obtained a Master of Nursing (MN) from the University of Dundee in 2011. I continue teaching at Kenya Methodist University as a lecturer to date. I started my PhD studies on part-time mode at the University of Dundee in October, 2013.

PhD Project: The global burden of cancer has continued to rise with lung and breast cancer being the top two cancers respectively. Breast cancer is the commonest diagnosed cancer and cause of cancer death among women.  In majority of the low and medium income countries, it is the most prevalent cancer. It is predicted that the incidence and mortality from cancers will keep rising disproportionately with relatively more new cases and higher mortality and lower survival rates in low and medium income countries. This trend has not only attracted the attention of individual countries, but also global attention. Cancer patients, and in particular breast cancer patients, from low and medium income countries significantly differ with those from high income countries. Kenya is undertaking several educational and training initiatives in response to rising incidence of cancer. Competency-based nursing education has been shown to contribute to positive cancer patient outcomes.   Whereas nurse competencies to support cancer patients have been developed in HICs, these cannot be directly transferable to Kenya. This PhD project will use breast cancer to develop generic nurses’ competencies for support of cancer patients in Kenya. These nurse competencies will inform development of pre and post registration nursing educational and training initiatives Kenya.

Research interest: Lifestyle diseases, Evidence based education, Knowledge translation