Amal Murad


School of Nursing and Health Sciences
11 Airlie Place
Dundee DD1 4HJ

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+(44) 04438 23885

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Background:  My bachelor degree was in Nursing Science, after which I obtained my Master’s degree in Maternal and Childhood Nursing Care from Saudi universities.  From 2005, I have worked in the field of Midwifery and Maternal and childhood nursing care with the Ministry of Health and then moved to the Ministry of Higher Education.  I started my PhD program within the Mother and Infant Research Unit at the School of Nursing and Midwifery. I am supervised by Professor Mary Renfrew, Dr Heather Whitford and Dr Andrew Symon.

PhD Project: my project aims to investigate the challenges and factors that have been impacting on the practicing of breastfeeding among mothers in Saudi Arabia through a comprehensive and systematic literature review. This will help in exploring the principal gap(s) in relation to breastfeeding that promote the practicing of the fundamental rights of the mother, infant and community.

Research Interests: maternity and childhood care, health promotion, psychosocial science.