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My clinical and academic career has been in acute and critical care nursing.  I spent a number of years working within intensive care before moving to education.  This was initially as a clinical nurse teacher and then subsequently as  a lecturer in nursing when the profession was incorporated into higher education.  As a lecturer I contributed to a range of subject areas within undergraduate and postgraduate curricula, developed and led modules, all of which aligned to acute and critical care.  My PhD which I completed in 2002, assessed quality of life in critical care survivors.  This work has led to a number of national and international studies in this area and for example we have evaluated the effectiveness of a nurse led follow-up service,  a generic healthcare assistant role.  I have published widely in this area and collaborate with colleagues nationally and internationally. 


The focus of my research is recovery and rehabilitation after critical illness.  It has had impact through the provision of services for intensive care survivors, and increased our understanding of the consequences of critical illness. It has generated intervention development and design prior to and after hospital discharge through the implementation of a generic healthcare assistant role, a nurse-led follow-up clinic, and establishing a patient led support group.  Most recent work includes the development of a pathway to reduce risk of hospital readmission.  With colleagues from Edinburgh, we received the Chief Nurse (Scotland) award for Impact in 2017.  I supervise a number of PhD students.

Wider professional activities

External examiner BSc Hon Nursing, SAAD College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Saudi Arabia (programme in collaboration with the University of Ulster).

Regularly review grant applications for a range of funding bodies.

Editorial Board member for Nursing in Critical Care &  Australian Critical Car

Review for a range of journals.


Support Masters’ dissertation students.

Current funding



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