Dr. Steve MacGillivray

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School of Nursing and Health Sciences
11 Airlie Place

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Dr Steve MacGillivray leads the Evidence Synthesis Training and Research group (eSTAR) in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. The primary purpose of this cross cutting research group is to co-ordinate evidence synthesis related activity (teaching and research). He is an experienced Health Services Researcher and Systematic Reviewer with a background in Psychology and a PhD in Health Services Research obtained within the Medical School in the University of Dundee. He has worked as a researcher in the Department of Psychiatry, Epidemiology and Public Health, Mother and Child Health and currently, the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Dr MacGillivray is passionate about systematic review methods and welcomes contact from anyone who is interested in collaborating or from any individual or groups.  


Dr MacGillivray’s research aims to advance understanding of the methods currently used in evidence synthesis and to facilitate new innovation in this area. Over the past 5 years he has been successful in collaborating with internal and external partners to receive research funding of more than £4 million to conduct research across a number of different topic areas including Mother and infant Health, Digital health, and Oral health and in successfully publishing more than 40 peer reviewed research articles. Dr MacGillivray has a track record of research within the field of mental health and is specifically interested in the meaning and management of depressive disorders. His research interests also include a focus on reducing health inequalities, improving access to and engagement with health services, and digital technologies to support health and wellbeing.  Dr MacGillivray has particular expertise in conducting meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials (particularly Cochrane Reviews), meta-syntheses of qualitative studies and rapid evidence reviews for policy and is also developing expertise in conducting realist syntheses as well as meta-ethnography. Dr MacGillivray is also interested in developing new evidence synthesis methodologies.

Key words: Health Technology Assessment; Mental health and illness; Reducing Health Inequities; Improving Access to and Engagement with Health Care; Digital Technologies to Support Health and Wellbeing; Public Health; Mother and Infant Health; Meta-analysis; Meta-synthesis; Evidence reviews for policy; Critical Appraisal; Methods development.

Wider professional activities

Dr MacGillivray is the Group Lead for the Evidence Synthesis Training and Research Group within the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. He is also the lead systematic reviewer for The Scottish Improvement Collaborating Centre (SISCC). Regarding the latter, he is one of the Grant holders, and is funded 1 day per week for 5 years as a co-partner. Dr MacGillivray is also an active member of: The School Research Committee; The School Board; The; Mother and Infant Research Unit; The People, Health and Communities research group; The Equality and Diversity Group within the School. He is also currently a member of seven Cochrane Review Groups: Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group (formerly) Depression Anxiety and Neurosis Group (Referent Group); Infectious Diseases Group; Consumers and Communication Group; Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems Group; Cochrane Anaesthesia Review Group; Neonatal review Group; Pregnancy and Childbirth Group.

Dr MacGillivray regularly peer reviews papers for publication in several high quality Journals, including: British Medical Journal; American Journal of Psychiatry; Family Practice; Archives of General Psychiatry; International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry; Journal of Mental Health; Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, Journal of Advanced Nursing; Health Expectations; Systematic Reviews; Health Education; Journal of Continuing Education in Health Professions. He reviews grant applications submitted to the Chief Scientist Office, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and other bodies. He also peer reviews final reports submitted to Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). I respond to policy documents in the area of health services research and prepare reports of research projects.


Dr MacGillivray designs and runs courses focussing upon the knowledge and skills required to plan, conduct and interpret systematic reviews in particular regarding meta-analysis and meta-synthesis. He has run many short courses for evidence synthesis for students and healthcare professionals. He also designed and ran a 5 day Summer School: Introduction to Systematic Reviews: (https://nursingmidwifery.dundee.ac.uk/summer-school-introduction-systematic-reviews). He is currently designing a suite of courses around evidence synthesis and would welcome contact form individuals or groups looking for bespoke teaching, support, mentorship or advice.

He is currently leading the development of and evidence synthesis module for the newly forming multi-disciplinary University of Dundee transdisciplinary Professional Doctorate. Dr MacGillivray also instigated and leads a School of Nursing and Health Sciences Methods Seminar Series. Dr MacGillivray also supervises PhD students and Masters Students.

Current funding

2018       C£120,000. Chief Scientist Office (Scotland). Understanding the role of Information and Communication Technologies in supporting people after stroke and other neurological conditions to self-manage their physical rehabilitation: A Meta synthesis. MacGillivray (PI) and Morris. In preparation.

2018       C£150,000. NIHR HS&DR. Ensuring effective transitions of frail older adults through health, social and community care: Understanding use, effectiveness, and experiences of ICTs through systematic review and meta-synthesis. MacGillivray & Sixsmith (Co PIs), Morris, Waller, Jindal-Snape. In preparation.

2018       C£50,000. WHO. Capacity and capability to support the proposed WHO strengthening programme to develop a national plan for midwifery in India. McFadden (PI), MacGillivray, Symon & Renfrew. In preparation

2018       C£150,000. Chief Scientist Office (Scotland). Effectiveness, safety and use of antidepressants in pregnant and breastfeeding women: A Meta-analysis and Meta-synthesis. MacGillivray (PI) In preparation

2018       £343,755. NIHR HTA. Responsive vs scheduled feeding for preterm infants. Development and feasibility study of an evidence-informed manualised intervention to compare CUe-Based versus Scheduled feeding for preterm infants transitioning from tube to oral feeding in neonatal units (CUBS). McFadden (PI), Wallace, McGuire, Patel, Whitford, MacGillivray, Donnan, Mactier, Johnson & Higman. Awarded to commence 1st April 2018.

2017       £49,889 WHO. The effectiveness of counselling for breastfeeding women. McFadden, Siebelt, Symon, Gavine, Renfrew & MacGillivray. To commence December 2017

2017       £5,000 University of Dundee internal Pump prime for development of a grant application to the Global Challenges Research Fund. Sustainable Maternal and Child Oral Health in Palestine: Model for Areas of Conflict. Freeman, Mossey, Abuhaloob & MacGillivray. Awarded May 2017

2017       £36,000. Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Efficient evidence reviews to inform the future design and delivery of Midwifery Education. Gavine, McFadden & MacGillivray. Commenced Sept 2017

2017       £15,000 DFiD Policy Research Fund: Developing the evidence base for global policy guidance on improving the quality of Maternal and Newborn care through strengthening midwifery skills. MacGillivray, Gavine & Renfrew. Commenced Sept 2017.

2016       £31,345 World Health Organisation. Update three selected systematic reviews relevant to the "Ten Steps to successful breastfeeding". Renfrew & MacGillivray. Successful - Project completed.

2016       £30,000 Scottish Government. Rapid reviews of the evidence to inform the Scottish Government review of maternity and neonatal services. Renfrew, Gavine & MacGillivray. Successful - Project completed

2014       £409,082. Department of Health Policy Research Programme. Enhancing Gypsy/Travellers’ trust: using maternity and early years’ health services and dental health services as exemplars of mainstream service provision. Mcfadden. MacGillivray, Atkin, Jackson, Innes, Bell, Jones. Commenced – project ongoing (ends Nov 2017).

2014       £3.25 million Scottish Improvement Science Research, Development and Knowledge Translation Collaborating Scottish Funding Council, Chief Scientist Office and NHS Education for Scotland. Led by University of Dundee: Renfrew, Clarkson, Davey,Guthrie, Kroll, MacGillivray, Morris, Sullivan and partners in NHS Tayside; University of Aberdeen; University of St Andrews; University of Stirling; University of the West of Scotland; Perth and Kinross Council; NHS Highland; Scottish Health Council; and Scottish Government. Commenced – project ongoing.

2012       £80,011. Wellbeing of Women Charity. Investigating the relationship between disability, domestic abuse and access to primary healthcare: implications for health and wellbeing. Bradbury-Jones, Lazenbatt, Devaney, Taylor, & MacGillivray. Successful - Project completed.

2012       £75,000. Joint funded (ESRC & Scottish Government) Doctoral Training studentship. For Mandy Cook (named candidate) to study a PhD titled: Forests as places of mental wellbeing: the meaning and use of urban forests by people with dementia and depression. Supervisors: Dr Ed Hall (Geography); Dr Steve MacGillivray/Dr Thilo Kroll (SDHI). Commenced May 2012. Commenced – project ongoing

2011       £5,000. Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland. Development of a Cochrane protocol: Interventions to promote long-term participation in regular physical activity in adults with stroke. Morris & MacGillivray. Successful - Project completed

2011       £5,000. Scottish Mental Health Research Network. Protocol Development Group: Non-pharmacological interventions to address weight gain in schizophrenia. Hamilton, Cameron & Robertson (Aberdeen); Connolly & Lawrie (Edinburgh); MacGillivray (Dundee). Successful - Project completed

2011       £10,000. Dental Health Services Research Unit. The information seeking needs of General practitioners and dentists: a systematic review. MacGillivray & Themmesl-Huber. Successful - Project completed

2010       £35,108. Cancer Research UK (National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative). The effects of pain in mammography on reattendance for breast cancer screening: a systematic review. Whelehan, MacGillivray, Baker, Jackson, Evans, & Mcleod. Successful - Project completed

2010       £25,000. NHS tayside. Extending the assessment of patient centredness in healthcare in NHS Tayside. Jones, Williams, MacGillivray, Baldie, Rattray, & Abubakari. Successful - Project completed

2010       £25,000. NHS Tayside. Strategies to promote the health, safety and welfare of adults with learning disabilities in acute care settings: A structured review. Bradbury-Jones, MacGillivray, Rattray, Jones. Successful - Project completed.

2010       £49,000. Chief Scientist Office. Working after cancer: A systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative studies exploring experience, problems and strategies in relation to employment and return to work. Mary Wells, Brian Williams, Thilo Kroll, Steve MacGillivray. CSO Ref. CZG/2/467; End date 31/3/2011. Successful - Project completed

2008       £106,156. Scottish Funding Council: Knowledge exchange on public policy in Scotland.  Simon Naji, Huw Davies, Steve MacGillivray, Sally Wyke. A knowledge exchange network for policy makers, practitioners and researchers promoting self-care for long term conditions. Successful - Project completed

2008       £38,043. Chief Scientist Office (Scotland). Josie Evans, Steve MacGillivray, Iain Crombie. Tracking of physical activity behaviours during childhood, adolescence and young adulthood: A systematic review. Successful - Project completed

2006       £30,672. NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (QIS).  Ring, Wyke, Malcolm, MacGillivray, Dixon, Hoskins, Pinnock, and Sheikh. Promoting the use of personal Asthma Action Plans: A systematic review. Successful - Project completed

2006       £37,559. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). Jepson, Harris, MacGillivray, Hastings, Kearney, and Rowa Dewar. A systematic review of the effectiveness of mass media interventions which both encourage quit attempts and reinforce current and recent attempts to quit smoking. Successful - Project completed

2006       £28,738. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). Jepson,

Kearney, Rowa-Dewar, and MacGillivray. A systematic review of the effectiveness of interventions, approaches and models at individual, community and population level that are aimed at changing health outcomes through changing knowledge attitudes and behaviour. Successful - Project completed

2005       £140,000. Department of Trade and Industry. MacGillivray (Principal investigator) in association with the Oil and Gas Industry Offshore Contractors Association and partners. Researching the Occupational Demands of offshore work in Upstream Oil and Gas Industry. Successful - Project completed

2005       £39,977. NHS Tayside. Jones, MacGillivray, & Wyke. Scoping Review to Inform the Development of Patient-directed Self-management interventions in people with chronic illness. Successful - Project completed

2004       £27,000. Tenovus Scotland. McGuire, Fahey & MacGillivray. Lactose avoidance in young children with acute diarrhea: A Cochrane Review. Successful - Project completed

2002       £50,000. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals. Millar, Davey,  Williams, & MacGillivray. A Population based descriptive study of Schizophrenia in a defined general population in Scotland. Successful - Project completed

2002       £27,526. Chief Scientist Office (Scotland), Primary Care Research Fund. Bruce, Cruickshank, MacGillivray & Matthews.  An Exploratory Study of Long-Term Antidepressant Prescribing in Primary Care. Successful - Project completed

2002       £19,567, Chief Scientist Office (Scotland). Crombie, MacGillivray, Sullivan, Reid & Ogston. A Cochrane Collaboration Systematic Review and meta-analysis: The Pharmacological Treatment of Depressive Disorders in Primary Care.

2000       £61,881, Chief Scientist Office (Scotland). Williams, Dowell, Miller, Alder, Crombie, &  MacGillivray. An exploration of patient management strategies of medication among people with treatment resistant schizophrenia. Successful - Project completed



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Book/Book Chapter


Shifting Realities: a Systematic Review and Meta-synthesis of the Qualitative Evidence on Cancer and Employment Wells, M., Lang, H., Firnigl, D., MacGillvray, S., Coyle, J., Kroll, T. & Williams, B. Sep 2011 In :European Journal of Cancer. 47, S1, p. S322-S322 1 p.4249

Commissioned report


Benefits and risks of direct access to treatment by dental care professionals: a rapid evidence review Turner, S., Tripathee, S. & MacGillivray, S. 29 Jun 2012 General Dental Council. 85 p.





Dr MacGillivray has presented at many health related conferences and has also designed and delivered methods workshops.