Ms. Sheila Douglas

Lecturer in Nursing


Fife Campus

Phone Number:

+(44) 01382 386606

Email Address:


I came into the school some years ago from a background in cancer nursing, working in Edinburgh and also briefly in London. I am based within the Fife campus but work across both of the SNHS sites.


Current research interests lie in the topic of dignity-enhancing care and education including mentorship. Previous work has included specialist cancer issues such as radiation skin care and  anticipatory nausea and vomiting.

Wider professional activities

Member of the European Association of Cancer Educators


Based within the adult programme, I teach into a variety of undergraduate modules but also the Person-Centred Care module at post-registration level. I also enjoy supervising students undertaking their master’s dissertation. My main focus is as module lead for the Mentor Preparation Programme.


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